Is she the only person who has seen this footage?

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Re: Is she the only person who has seen this footage?

Postby cadillac-elvis » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:56 pm

Colin B wrote:
cadillac-elvis wrote:Yes, those are the photo's of the events.
I don't think the woman was referring to photo's.
And notice she said... He was kissing the girl. In these photo's the girls are kissing him.
So, these photo's are not what she was speaking of.
Colin B wrote:When people are speaking, they don't always use words that precisely match their meaning...

Someone, seeing either of those posted photos broadcast on TV, could quite possibly remember "Seeing him on TV kissing a polio poster child".

What about the possibility that a news station covered the event and shot some footage for the late night news and it was broadcast?

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