C'mon Everybody - Movie version with RCA audio and original video

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C'mon Everybody - Movie version with RCA audio and original video

Postby WalterHaleJnr » Sat May 26, 2018 4:01 pm

quote Leon: The astonishing on screen chemistry between Elvis and his Viva Las Vegas co-star, Ann Margret, has never been replicated in an Elvis movie before or since and without this chemistry the movie would likely have been no more than an other average Elvis movie as other than a couple of isolated moments it is when the two leads are on screen together that the movie really comes alive. The magic generated between Elvis and Ann Margret can be best epitomised by listening to a duet between the pair which was recorded for the movie but never even made it into the film "You're The Boss" which is filled with electric sexual energy and considerable innuendo and was likely considered far too risque for a family Elvis vehicle. Two further duets were recorded at this soundtrack session, "Today, Tomorrow and Forever" and "The Lady Loves Me", with only the latter being included in the movie although a solo version of the former has Elvis' character Lucky Jackson serenade Ann Margret's character, Rusty Martin. The second song in the movie which sees the film's two lead stars on screen together is "C'mon Everybody" which gives Ann Margret a good excuse to show off her dancing prowess whilst Elvis performs the song. "C'mon Everybody" is quite a lively little number and is quite a good tune if you can get past the "Simon Says" element of the song which is it's only major drawback, although it does appear that the two stars are having a ball! Elvis recorded two masters of the song at Radio Recorders in Hollywood with the first the RCA master recorded on 9 July 1963 and the movie version the following day. The record master was achieved by the fifth take but only the second complete take but the movie master was a composite of take seven and a blues ending but the definition of previous takes are unknown take as the majority of the takes other than the master version from the Viva Las Vegas have disappeared with their whereabouts unclear. The movie and record master versions can be identified by subtle differences for example in the movie version the end of the line "I was raised with a guitar in my hand" is sung at double time and some alternate phrasing throughout the song. After Elvis' recording was completed several overdubs were added at the MGM Sound Stage on 13 August 1963 with hand claps and finger snaps first to be added before a blues ending was recorded and spliced onto the end of the movie master. As no version with the blues ending has yet been released it has been necessary to leave the original movie audio in situ at the end of the song. The video is taken from the Blu-Ray release of the movie which gives excellent clarity to the High Definition footage.


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Re: C'mon Everybody - Movie version with RCA audio and original video

Postby Mountain Mist » Sat May 26, 2018 10:49 pm

Thanks, Walt.

It is interesting how people can place their own take on something, me included.

The author of the above says, "Simon Says" type movement and not in such a positive light, I feel that Elvis and Ann-Margret were feeding off each other with their movements, and that is what increased the tension in the piece, and the "Simon Says" choreography was everything.

In my view, they weren't just dancing.

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